The “Centre for University Society Interface” has been established in the year 2016 by the University of Kashmir under the auspices of the department of Sociology. Universities have frequently been regarded as key institutions in processes of social change and development. The university and society represent two basic and important units, one at the micro level and another at the macro level. Both units are in constant interaction and have established a stable relationship in the broader context. The relationship has given rise to some input and output processes for both units which serve the broader social cause. Though these units maintain a certain degree of functional independence reflects on the whole situation. There seems consensus on the proposition that must enter into a relationship that serves the broader societal objectives. Thus, the role of the university emerges crucial for processes of societal development.


The University of Kashmir being located in a difficult area needs to have strong links with society to ensure societal development. A Centre for University Society Interface, therefore, has been established towards this goal.


The Centre will cultivate positive-productive relationship and pursue continuous-stable relationship between the universities and society. The main activities of the Centre will revolve around the interaction and intervention on the part of universities as well as society. In a way, the whole society will be involved in a reciprocal relationship through civil society, non-governmental organizations and formal-official agencies. While the input processes of research and other related activities of the Centre will provide a relevant framework for its functioning, the output processes will give rise to the harmonious type of activities and fulfil basic societal needs.