Objectives of the Centre


1.  To conduct regular meetings with different stakeholders of civil society in order to know and assess their aspirations from the university;


2.  To develop in the institutional and organizational framework strong and stable relations between the university and society and to establish cordial, positive, and productive environment between the two social units;


3.  To present, reveal and convey all relevant information with statistical support related to matters and measures which have been taken by the university because of societal concern;


4.  To identify, explain and access the input actions and processes within the university  and to present the concerned action framework of the university functioning in the light of its academic policies and programmes;


5.  To carry out research studies about the issues and challenges facing the civil society for better understanding and appraisal;


6.  To carry out the various workshops/seminars, training and sensitization programmes, extension lectures and arrange for wider community participation;


7.  To adopt educationally backward areas/villages as model areas/villages as an intervention for progress and development.